M’s Birthday

Last night, my beloved M and I celebrated her birthday with her folks and older sister at Claw Daddy in Shari-la Plaza, EDSA. It was, to put it mildly, a very interesting dinner. I’m sure M will be be describing things in more detail over at her blog, but I’ll just share some pictures that I took of the food.

From a very wide selection my beloved M chose Crab Maritess (crab sauteed in olive oil, garlic and chilies) for herself and her folks, and the Barbecue Caboodle (baby back ribs, chicken, sausages, and fries) for me and her sister. Sadly, I don’t remember what we had for appetizers, except that the nugget-looking breaded pieces had jalapeño inside. And buffalo wings.

The Appetizer: What's this called again?
The Main Dish: Crab Maritess
The Other Main Dish: The Caboodle

To say the food was excellent would be an understatement. The staff were nice, too. They were very prompt and they even let us use their hats for a bit of fun. Thus:

Strike a Pose

This last picture is quite ironic. I’m not smiling because the red bib clashes with my black shirt, but the ironic thing is that the bib is actually for people who will eat crab (it prevents the juice from splattering on y0u when you crack the shells) and I didn’t even eat crustacean. Seriously, I’m not smiling just as a pose.

My beloved M said the crab hat looks good on me. (She had her picture taken wearing a different one.) Wait! Is that even a hat?

If you’re the type who enjoys crab and other seafood (like my M), I heartily suggest you try Claw Daddy. It’s at the 6th floor of the Shang, next to Starbucks.



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