Chef’s Bistro, Morato Ave.

My beloved M and I had a wonderful time last night–we celebrated our second wedding anniversary. We’ve been planning for this night for quite a while and didn’t want to pick just any place to celebrate. The place we chose as our venue was Chef’s Bistro, located at 94 Tomas Morato Ave. cor. Sct. Gandia. (I found the address quite confusing, as the restaurant was fronting Sct. Gandia and was about fifty yards, give or take, from Morato Ave. Oh well.) M decided early on to go earlier than we originally planned because finding a parking space might be difficult. Thank God there was a parking space across the street.

As another reviewer put it,

“The outdoor[sic] was attracting[sic] since it looked sophisticated, glassy and mystifying. The excellent thing on[sic] its location is the fact that it’s on the quiet area of the demanding Morato which can give you the space to yourself and tranquility[sic]. The resto was small but tall; when you get inside you won’t feel being captured on[sic] a small box but rather the opposite. The high ceiling really did the job of making the place look bigger. The table setting and seats were comfortable uncomplicated but classy.

[Why don’t I “sic” the whole thing?]

Please don’t let the excited grammar put you off. The location really is excellent–there is enough distance from Morato Ave. to isolate the bistro from the noise and traffic, but close enough to walk.  The bistro admittedly was on the small side. I asked the waiter for the capacity and he said around eighty people, if we were to include the second floor. M felt a bit (really, really bit) disappointed though, by the table setting and the seats. There were four-seater and six seater tables, meaning most of the expected diners would be small families or small groups. There were no two-seaters for romantic couples like us. M is more romantic than yours truly.

The waiters were very attentive but not obviously so. They kept a respectable distance while we enjoyed the food. Speaking of food, the choices will definitely not disappoint. M ordered lengua (one of her favorites) and I ordered lamb chop (cooked medium-well). Both came with mashed potatoes. For appetizers we had one of their signature dishes called Pisa (I hope I spelled it right), and the best I can describe it is delicious shrimp and mushroom crepe. (M will have a more detailed review on her blog soon.) We opted not to order their blue lemonade, although I really wanted to. Instead my beloved and I shared a can of Coke Zero, plus their bottomless lemon-water, which was very refreshing–the waiter kept refilling my glass.

We would have ordered dessert, but M was full after the meal. Anyway, maybe next time we’ll try their Vanity Crepe.

After eating at a restaurant, M and I would often ask if the place was worth going back to. I would definitely love to go back to Chef Bistro.



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