Manic Monday 122010: Maybe I Spoke (Blogged?) Too Soon…

Recently, I blogged about the new banknotes that the Banko Sentral would be issuing next year. I had seen some shots of the new notes on TV and I thought they looked good. Real good, in fact. The people on the bills looked younger, Benigno Aquino was actually smiling (maybe because now, he’s joined by his wife)…Overall, the new notes looked lightyears better than the ones currently in use.

Now comes this news from the Inquirer: Error-filled Peso Bills Spark Uproar

“Geographically challenged Philippine maps and a rare parrot with the wrong-colored beak have perturbed the country after the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) rolled out error-filled new editions of its peso bills,” goes the opening paragraph of the article. “The new banknotes, scheduled to be rolled out this month and containing the signature of President Benigno Aquino III who took office this year, bombed spectacularly in the graphics department, according to critics.”

Errors included a mis-colored parrot and a mis-located river.

The Banko Sentral has its defense: “BSP spokesperson Fe de la Cruz (director of the BSP Corporate Affairs Office) acknowledged the criticisms, but said space constraints limited the artist’s room for maneuver. ‘In choosing the design, we are always guided by our commitment to enrich the appreciation and knowledge of the Filipinos we honor on our banknotes, as well as the unique sites and species our country should be proud of…For our banknotes, we used an artist’s rendition of the Philippine map that by virtue of space and aesthetics does not reflect all of our islands and the precise coordinates of each site,” she said. “Nevertheless, we appreciate constructive comments and we will take these into account moving forward.'”

Oh, well. The full news here.

On a more interesting note for Manic Monday, check out this fellow WordPress user’s blog.



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