Something to Think About (Part Whatever…)

One of the blogs I occasionally visit is the Aristophrenium, run by a bunch of guys with names like Ryft and Fisher. (Cute names!)

Here’s their latest, a post from Duane:

Before you wish for an Old-Fashioned Christmas…

An excerpt: “For centuries, Christmas was anything but a holy day. It was most often a sinful parade of excess, a day set aside for ignoring laws and even terrorizing citizens… Those who attended church did so in wild costumes, the messages of many priests were anything but scriptural, and gambling was common during the services. After church the poor often stormed the homes of the elite in moblike fashion, pounding on doors and windows, demanding the finest food and drink. If the hosts did not respond, the guests [for want of a better word I guess?] broke into the home and took what they wanted. The drunken celebrations hearkened back to the time when Romans and Greeks marked the winter solstice with a weeklong festival of self-indulgence. As nothing about these celebrations was staid or reverent, many devoted Christians loathed the holiday and considered it an instrument of sin and evil.”

If you want to chew a bit further, the rest of the post can be found here.



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