Post Christmas Teals

The title to this post was originally “Post Christmas Blues” but since I prefer a little dark blue-green over plain blue (it’s closer to black [laughter in the background] and less annoying for me), I replaced the word with teal.

It is the night after December 25 and I am suffering from post holiday melancholy.  I am not a festive type of person for the most part, so my gloominess has less to do with the end of Christmas celebrating than it does with the near demise of another year.

What did I do during the holidays, and specifically during the 25th of December?

My vacation started on the 24th. My beloved M and I spent the morning in Centris Walk. It’s described on the Eton website as the “strip…master-planned to be the new dining, lifestyle and entertainment capital of the metropolis…[catering to] Metro Manila’s gourmet food enthusiasts, bar hoppers and party lovers.” We went there so my beloved M and her mom could do some last minute bargain shopping. Her dad and her sister also went with us. Since we got there later than planned–we were supposed to get there around seven but ended up arriving a little after eight–our troop decided to have breakfast first before looking around the thrift market area. There were lots of food stalls and my dad-in-law’s first observation: All the food stalls sold almost exactly the same kind of food! In the end, they ended up with some arroz caldo, while I had longganisa and rice. Ho-hum.

There wasn’t much to see as far the tiangge or thrift market was concerned. While M and her mom and sister patiently walked from stall to stall, examining, haggling, and all that, I stationed myself beside an amateur magician’s stall. He was selling magic kits (e.g., magic cards, hankies,) and I amused myself figuring out how he did his tricks. They were quite simple, really.  In the afternoon, M and I went around giving gifts to our ninongs and ninangs. My beloved M and I ended the day having dinner with her family, plus her aunt, uncle, and cousins at a place called Lugang Cafe in Greenhills.  I ate a lot, literally.

My beloved M and I spent the 25th at her folks’ place, where we had lunch and an afternoon of just sitting in front of the TV and gazing into the idiot box. M and her folks watched a Julia Roberts DVD, while her sister and I watched cable. I found out that “‘I’m not smarter than a fifth-grader.” Well, actually I am, but the TV contestant (who’s a MENSA level genius) and I got the last answer wrong.  “What country shares the longest border with Russia?” Good for him that he opted to “drop out” before the last question was asked. If he had got it right he would have gone home a millionaire. A wrong answer meant he went home with nothing. By the way, the answer was Kazakhstan. After a round of 5th grader questions my brain wanted to rest so I switched to an NCIS marathon. Heaven. We then ended the day with dinner at M’s aunt’s place. (Same aunt who had dinner with us the previous night.)

(Hello, world!  ~ M)

Today (26th) M and I visited my folks at Cavite. My dad showed me his “ant farm,” a self-assembled glass container filled with chicken bones and, yup, ants. Half-inch long little monsters. It’s almost like Discovery Channel in his backyard. My dad is the type who gets bored during the holidays; he prefers to be at the shop doing something rather than stay home doing nothing. I’m glad he has his ants to amuse him.

So why isn’t this post Christmas blues? Because I’m not unhappy. I am feeling a bit gloomy that it’s near the end of another year. A few thoughts that went through my head during the past two days:

  • No matter how much we force the issue, we never, ever really make Christmas Christ-centered. At least not perfectly. The “He’s the reason for the season” catchphrase is almost nonsense for me. We try to hypnotize ourselves into thinking that Christmas is about Christ, but the next minute we wonder what we got for Christmas or where the next big dinner will be held at. Considering that historically Christmas was mostly celebrated sans Christ
  • It’s like theistic evolution. People try to inject God into a system that totally rejects God.
  • The above two points are open to change.
  • There seems to be less beggars these days compared to years past. Are they dying out?
  • Speaking of gifts, I look at my beloved M and I am reminded I got the best gift of all.
  • A few more days and it’s back to work again.
  • Gas prices have gone up.
  • My car is dirtier during the holidays, compared to other days of the year.
  • I wish I had an NCIS DVD set.
  • It’s time to give love to the man on the street and a couple of pairs, and say hello to Olaf, the other reindeer. (Try singing those phrases out loud.)



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