The One I Love

There’s this song (parts of it rather) that’s been going on in my head for quite a while, and until recently, I couldn’t make heads or tails of it. I Googled it and came up with this.

I don’t care for dancin’ and I’m not much in talk
At least ’tis never been that way
I know it’s not easy to understand my ways
When there’s so much that I ought to say
When I’m standin’ right before you, I feel like a fool
Blinded by the light in his eyes
No, and love’s light steals the dark night in his soul.  

The one I love, she shines like silver
The one I love, she glows like moonlight
The one I love is warm like sunshine
The one I love.

I don’t care for parties and I like a quiet life
I never felt at ease within a crowd
I’ve never found it easy to live the way I do
Sometimes a song’s the only time I think out loud
When I’m standin’ right before you I feel like a fool
Who never finds the right words to say
No, and his chance goes with the last dance of the night.

That song is about 93.35% applicable to me. The title is The One I Love by Australian country star Mike McClellan (Never heard of him? Neither have I until today. Sad.) and was released in 1980.

Thanks to Bong Santos for the information!

I lovingly dedicate this song to my beloved M, who’s everything the chorus says, and more.

(If any of my students are reading this, no, this song isn’t my favorite. Try again.)


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