Freaky Friday (123110)

My final post for the year 2010.

A few thanksgiving items:

  • For life in general. What can I say? God is good.
  • My beloved M. I have a lovely wife, and she’s more than I deserve.
  • A good job which I enjoy doing.
  • A car we use to go places. It has a big dent at the back because of somebody’s carelessness but having a vehicle is a great blessing.
  • A house (rented, but satisfactory). The only downside is some people who share the building engage in karaoke singing every night. I use the word singing, but it’s relative.
  • Great parents, great parents-in-law, siblings
  • Good health (thanks to green tea). Maybe I should set a goal for 2011–lose ten pounds and maintain my new weight for the rest of my life?
  • Schweppes tonic water and its variants. I personally like the bitter lemon.

I’ve read several good books this year, but there are some books that I wish I had read. Among them are: The Infidel Delusion by the Triablogue crew, and Michael Horton’s new Systematic Theology book. And I still need to complete my Herman Bavinck 4-volume Reformed Dogmatics set. I only have the first volume.


for our Freaky Friday entry, enjoy this little clip from Monty Python.

Don’t you just love British humour?


My beloved M and I had dinner with one of our Ninangs and a church friend last night. at Katre (located at 103 Dr. Lascano St., Brgy. Laging Handa, Quezon City) a “casual dining” restaurant serving Mediterranean dishes.  I had Beef Salpicao (naturally) while M had the seafood pasta (again, naturally). My Ninang and E (the church friend) shared two dishes, the chicken pasta and the Grilled Mahi Mahi with Fricassee of Calico Scallop.  For drinks we had their signature Green Tea with Pandan (bottomless). Appetizers were Meditterranean Spiced Beef Quesadilla and a salad dish.

The meal was excellent.  I think I broke my personal promise to eat less during the last quarter of the year. And also, too bad we didn’t bring our good camera. Oh well.


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