Last Minute Thoughts for 2010

It’s a few hours before the end of the year. Coming home from a wonderful dinner care of M’s folks, my driving was a little spiced up by some thoughts going through my head.

  • TV and New Year’s Eve don’t go together. First, you are constantly distracted by random explosions especially during important scenes where important dialog  or an important punchline is being delivered. Since you’re unable to rewind the scene, you’re stuck with whatever is shown. Second, (at least in this country) the volume of exploding firecrackers is directly proportional to how close it is to midnight. That means, if you manage to keep at it, you will constantly be adjusting the TV volume to compensate for the loudness of the explosions outside. It is a waste of time and effort, considering that you’ll never win. (You could opt for some earphones, but I don’t know any brand with cables long enough for you to sit at a comfortable distance from the TV.)
  • Apropos the explosions: While they are still irritating, there seems to be less of them this year compared to last year. Maybe things are looking up.
  • Apropos the apropos: Aside from the firecracker explosions, we have to put up with the neighbors and their karaoke. Speaking of the karaoke, I think the machine’s bass controls are turned way up tonight. I can feel the vibrations.  Between the bangs from the ‘crackers and the steady thrum of the karaoke machine, I wonder if I can get any sleep tonight?
  • OK that last one wasn’t a “while I was driving” thought. What the hey?
  • Eating at my in-laws’ means that I forget my diet. Two reasons: The food is really good, and it’s embarrassing to say no to offers of seconds (or thirds). Of course, my beloved M is a great cook too, but usually we plan what to cook and eat well in advance so most of the time there is little or no leftovers. For example, I can say less rice or just one viand for tonight, and my beloved M will prepare accordingly.  It’s an arrangement that won’t work when the in-laws invite you over for dinner.
  • Apropos above, we’re having lunch with my in-laws again tomorrow. Can’t wait. I’m just not sure if we’re eating at their place or eating out.
  • While driving I nearly collided with a guy on a bicycle at a street corner. The cyclist was wearing a navy blue shirt and denim shorts, and his bicycle had no reflectors or lights whatsoever. Siya pa ang nagalit. He didn’t do anything terrible like get down from his bike and challenge me to a fistfight. Nothing like that. He only scowled, which prompted me to scowl back. I would have scowled some more had not my beloved M stopped me. Only in the Philippines.
  • I want an iPhone.
  • I want a new bicycle.
  • I want to fix the dent that’s on my car’s rear door. The asymmetry it’s giving to the car exterior is driving me insane. I have a gut feeling that M and I will be arguing about this for quite a while. (Most men I know who own cars and who buy car accessories don’t tell their wives that they’re buying accessories. They just go and buy. The wives, meanwhile, don’t ask or pretend to not know that the purchase has been made. Maybe that’s what keeps their marriages sane.)
  • NCIS is a darn good show. I’m going to get a season set of it if I have the opportunity.
  • I know some people will want to inquire about the Chinese New Year, and what Chinese zodiac animal we’ll be under in 2011. FYI, 2011 will be a Metal Rabbit year but it will not start until around February 3 or so.  Anyway “…the year of the Rabbit is traditionally associated with home and family, artistic pursuits, diplomacy, and keeping the peace. Therefore, 2011 is very likely to be a relatively calmer one than 2010 both on the world scene, as well as on a personal level. Conversely, nations will also become more insular and increasingly lock down their borders to protect against the “other”.  However, 2011 will also see new art movements projecting a distinct national identity taking the world by storm. Shrewd and creative new business partnerships will also form to the benefit of all.” If you believe that sort of thing.
  • Hap Chan restaurant sells milk tea. My beloved M had some this evening. Be warned! The thing is mighty sweet. Stay away from it if you, like me, don’t like sweet stuff. I still prefer Ersao’s Green Tea (no sugar) and Serenitea’s Jasmine Green Tea with Lime Jelly (again, no sugar). Those two establishments are on Facebook, by the way. If you’re not familiar with them, open Facebook (or steal someone’s account if you can) and look them up.
  • Speaking of which, on the way home tonight my beloved M said that for her new year’s resolution, she will only have Milk Tea from Serenitea once every three weeks. Or once every other week. Hmm. I sense a little bit of wavering with that “or” conjunction. Should I support my beloved M in her resolution or should I drink from Ersao or Serenitea as much as I like? I’ll decide on the 3rd of January.
  • As a PS to today’s Freaky Friday post, read this.
  • With all the trouble going on in the world today, I wonder if the picture below isn’t in our near future? Of course, not if you’re a creationist. Like me.


My belove M is currently updating her blog, too. Go take a look over there. Be blessed.


Ciao and Happy New Year!


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