Happy New Year

Let’s start the New Year right with a laugh. Or a smile at least.


LULEA, Sweden, Dec. 27 (UPI) — Members of a Swedish church said they conducted their own Christmas service when the pastor overslept.

Parishioners at Lulea Cathedral in the northern city of Lulea said they were unable to reach duty pastor Stefan Widman on Christmas morning so churchwardens Georg Johansson and Hans Brusevitz stepped in to read the Christmas gospel and the Lord’s Prayer, The Local reported Monday.

Widman said he awoke and arrived at the church just as members were having their post-service coffee.

“In the church hall, when I asked for forgiveness for the whole thing, I was told that it is human to oversleep. And I have rarely had such nice discussions with people,” Widman said. (Source: http://www.upi.com/Odd_News/2010/12/27/Pastor-oversleeps-for-Christmas/UPI-58331293474465/)


A few more tidbits from around the web:

  • For fans of Bible Reading in a Year, Justin Taylor has a few suggestions.
  • Coolness. Why didn’t I think of this?
  • Oddness. I’m glad I didn’t think of this.
  • Confusing. I don’t know what to think of this.


And to end this post, let’s study a stupid comment from an (apparent) atheist (name withheld).

“Perhaps one of you Creationists can answer a query of mine. If a God was to go to the trouble of creating an entire Universe, and direct it to make a planet full of humans in his image… why would he want me to ‘worship’ him, and condemn me to hell for all eternity if I didn’t? Seems like terrible insecurity to me, after all he ‘made’ me to have Free Will, so why would he punish me if I chose to exercise that Free Will and not believe in him?”

You know, if I were one of the “Creationists” alluded to, I wouldn’t even answer this question. Why not? I won’t answer because his second sentence entirely nullifies the question’s applicability  to me. “If a God was to go to the trouble of creating an entire Universe, and direct it to make a planet full of humans in his image…” should be addressed to a theistic evolutionist, not a creationist. <ZAP!>



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