Words Fail Me (Again)

Spanish Church Upset by Racy Christian Calendars


“Seeking to raise money for their Roman Catholic youth group on the Spanish tourist destination island of Mallorca, members came up with a risque idea: Pose nearly nude for a calendar recreating scenes from the Passion of Christ.”

I guess nothing accounts for good taste anymore. For everyone’s benefit, the word “risque” means, “Hazardous; risky; esp., fig., verging upon impropriety; dangerously close to, or suggestive of, what is indecent or of doubtful morality.” A risque photo is a photo whose subjects, while not exactly naked, suggests nakedness or improper behavior.  Why a “Christian” group would resort to such photography to “raise money” is beyond me.

[One of the youth workers] was somewhat dumbfounded by the negative reaction from Mallorca’s top Catholic, but said he and other members “are happy that our calendar is raising money for our association, which is celebrating its 20th anniversary.”

So now the end justifies the means?

“We accept criticism and opinions, but all of the shots are respectable,” [Youth Leader Pep] Mas told the Ultima Hora newspaper.

Which doesn’t really mean anything, considering the word “respectable” has so many meanings nowadays that it’s practically meaningless.

Of course, things wouldn’t be complete without a quick look at some of the comments. Warning: Godless stupidity ahead. Or should that be stupid godlessness? (My comments to their comments are in parentheses.)

  • “The religious always have their ass in a knot about one thing or another….”  (And the irreligious are also always in a knot about other things. The ones who supposedly defend tolerance prove to be the most intolerant.)
  • “They wanted racy pics of little boys and not women DUH!” (This one doesn’t even deserve a response.)
  • “Maybe they need to get more involved with something that really matters. Like jobs for out of work citizens, safer food supplies, lowering the population growth, to reach sustainable levels, etc. Or, they could just continue to keep their heads in the sand.” (This reminds me of a comment by a pickpocket after his arrest by the police. “Why pick on me? Don’t you police have bigger fish to fry?”)



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