Movie Recommendation: Flipped (2010)

I don’t watch movies in the cinema anymore; my beloved M and I will often wait until we can find a DVD copy of a movie we want to watch. It’s a great exercise in patience, as well as a great way to save money–DVDs, especially the ones on sale, cost way less than the total cost of going to the cinema. Today’s tickets alone cost more than a regular DVD. (Having said all that, I do kind of miss the unique feel and atmosphere that only watching in a cinema can give. It might be the surround sound, but I digress.)

Last night my beloved M and I decided to watch something recommended by one of her officemates. The title of the movie was Flipped, directed by Rob Reiner. Off the bat, upon reading in the intro that it was a Reiner film, I expected a good movie. Reiner hasn’t disappointed before, as seen from such movies as, A Few Good Men, Princess Bride, The Bucket List and Stand By Me.

I wasn’t disappointed. In fact I really enjoyed myself, watching it.  The plot is simple: it tells a set of stories and happenings from the eyes of its two young protagonists, Bryce and Juli. Or as the official blurb of the book, from which the movie was based, reads: It is a stand-alone teen romance in a he-said she-said style with the two protagonists alternately presenting their perspective on a shared set of events. And a tree. A sycamore tree.

I loved it. My wife spent a good portion of the movie sniffling and fighting back tears (I think), but I guess she loved it too, despite the fact that she said she abhors happy endings in movies.

By the way, the poster above is from the movie (since I’m recommending the movie). But because I love books more than movies, I’m thinking of getting the book, written by Wendelin Van Draanen (shown on the upper right). Usually we buy books and then watch the film, but this one’s an exception for me.

Ah, life.


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