Words of Wisdom (From Somebody Else, Obviously)

“We have often said that, even while the judges portrayed Christ in typological fashion, so too in their own failings they signified just as clearly that they were not the Christ indeed, but only looked ahead to him; and their failings thus underscored the need for Christ even while their successes portrayed what the longed-for Christ would do. This is likewise true of Jephthah; for he, too, displayed a remarkable and tragic shortcoming in the midst of his triumph. Even while he was filled with the Spirit, and in the midst of working a mighty, Spirit-wrought victory, he uttered a most unseemly vow, that he would offer up as a burnt offering the first one that came to greet him after the battle. When he had won the battle, and his only child came out to greet him, being as yet a virgin maiden, then he put her to death to fulfill that foolish vow; and this became a cause of great sorrow all throughout Israel (Judges 11:29-40).”

You can read the rest here.


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