Wacky Wednesday, January 19, 2011

This post is a few hours early, but what the hey…

A blog that my beloved M loves to frequent is House on a Hill, the personal blog of Connie Veneracion. According to Ms. Veneracion, the blog is powered by “Apple, Canon, delicious food and great cocktail drinks.” Ms. Veneracion blogs about food, gardening, travel, and her family.

I remember the day when my beloved M got so excited because she won a book, Asian Dumplings, by joining a contest–she entered her Ben’s Creamed Beef recipe–over at House on a Hill. (For the record, Connie Veneracion didn’t write Asian Dumplings. I gather that she had an extra copy and used it as a prize in the contest.)

I too am an occasional visitor to Ms. Veneracion’s blog.  Every now and then she posts some fun stuff, like the time she helped her daughter bake some uhm…gingerbread cookies. The cookies they made were a bit out of the ordinary, so I thought I’d feature them for today’s Wacky Wednesday.  Here’s a sample:

You can read the rest of the entry here. A warning from Ms. Veneracion: “Some concepts and graphics may be disturbing to people with pre-conceived ideas of what gingerbread cookies should look.”



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