Words Fail Me (Again)

A woman fell into a fountain in Berkshire Mall. She fell because she didn’t see the fountain. She claims that she had seen the fountain, but assumed it was farther away than it actually was. She wasn’t exactly paying attention because she was “texting a friend from church.”  The video below, from the mall’s security camera, shows the action in its entirety.

A few facts (from all over):

  • She works (I don’t know if this one’s changed) in the mall.
  • She “acknowledges the video is funny, but says the security personnel heard laughing on the recording should have been more concerned about her well-being.”
  • latino.foxnews.com says: “Because there was no railing to protect someone from falling into the fountain her lawsuit may have some merit, lawyers say. The mall could also be in hot water over the security personnel who laughed at her rather than checking if she was ok.”
  • She wants to sue the mall. She has hired an attorney to look into the matter.
  • Although she wasn’t hurt physically, she suffers from “the humiliation (from the video having been put online)…I cried for days. … You don’t know how many people are laughing at me.”

Off the top of my head, based on somebody else’s thoughts (off the top of their heads):

  1. “She was in a public place. Whether by a security camera or someone’s cell phone, videos of people doing stupid things, or having stupid things done to them or happen to them are pretty much common.”  I couldn’t agree more.
  2. “She was the one who brought MORE negative attention to herself by speaking out about it publicly.” Somebody else said this originally, but I agree.
  3. “It was clear from the video that she was unhurt, so mall security had no reason to respond.” I’m not exactly sure if laughing (the laughter is heard on the video) was the right thing to do, though.
  4. “The mall owners may want to know who leaked the video, but that isn’t something she can sue over.” Then again, this is America, where stupidity can actually make you rich. Remember Liebeck vs. McDonald’s? (No matter what you think of that lawsuit, it’s still absurd.)
  5. “Don’t text and walk. Distracted pedestrians are constantly running into, in front of or tripping over things.” Somebody else suggested that this was actually Darwinian Evolution in action.

I think the following video shows something even sillier. The following is the same video above, but used as part of Good Morning America’s news broadcast.

The newscaster said (starting around ten seconds into the clip): “I get it; this could be me.”

Uh, right. I’m sure glad it’s not me.


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