Film Friday, And A Late Freaky Friday

Film Friday will be a new feature here on In Favilla et Cinere.  There will still be a Freaky Friday post, although the two features won’t necessarily be posted alternately. Unlike other blogs that talk about movies, my posts won’t be as detailed. They will however feature off-the-top-of-my-head-thoughts and observations. We will begin next week.


For this week’s rather belated Freaky Friday post, how about a dose of 15 Common Astronomy Myths?

For a sample, did you know that, “…we have all seen the face on Mars but despite much evidence to the contrary, many people still believe it is an alien creation. In the most recent flyby of Mars, NASA was able to get a much clearer picture (which you can see above). Those who still believe that it is a non-naturally made hill are suffering from pareidolia.”



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