Manic Monday, February 7, 2011

Do you ever have those days when you just don’t like your job? I’ve asked myself that question, and I have to confess that I’ve answered in the affirmative back in my old job as associate pastor. (Take that, whoever should feel guilty for that!) I haven’t felt anything negative in my (relatively) new job as a teacher of Bible and Theology. Perhaps except for those times when I had to suffer through the bad handwriting of many of my students, I enjoy my work.

However, I know that not everybody feels that way. Or at least, not everybody feels that way all the time. If you are contemplating on the fun or lack thereof of your job, consider the following.  The guy’s work requires him to go as high as 1,768 feet (almost 540 meters) straight up. It’s almost like mountain climbing, with a difference.

You will never see (literally) your job the same way again.


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