…while having lunch at Banawe’s Jollibee:

Old Lady: Miss, bakit walang discount yung order ko? (Miss, how come you didn’t give me a Senior Citizen’s discount for my order?)*

Cashier: Eh, ma’am, wala pong Senior ang Kiddie Meal. (Er, ma’am, we don’t give Senior Citizen’s discounts for Kiddie Meals.)

Makes sense to me. Aren’t Kiddie Meals for kids? I’m not saying Kiddie Meals are exclusively for kids, but we don’t expect old people to buy them. I would understand why some establishments would find it less than thrilling to offer discounts for seniors. while providing a way to lighten the load for seniors, so to speak, the system is sadly open to abuse by many people looking to save a buck.

As an aside, some people may make a case out of this and insist that Senior’s discounts should be given no matter what was ordered. I don’t think so, although I’m not sure how things would work out legally speaking. It doesn’t seem to be as simple as it first appears.



*Translations are not just direct translations, but I’ve added enough elements to make the conversation understandable for non-Tagalog readers.


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