The Night Before Lord’s Day

My beloved M and I went jogging this afternoon at the UP Academic Oval/Sunken Garden. I confess that although M and I have been planning something more regular as far as exercise goes, we’ve been to UP for only five or six times, and our visits there were not even consistent. Chalk it up to laziness on my part more than anything else–there are days when I’d rather stay in bed after an afternoon nap than go running in big circles. (We decided early on that afternoons are better than mornings when jogging at UP–it’s less hot and there are less people running with you.)

Maybe I should go back to Slimmer’s World.


From the guys over at Triablogue:




“Yet vacuous pop stars are soft targets when it comes to mocking the theologising of self-importance.   They look and sound ridiculous because we can all hear what they say, see what they wear (`You’d be beaten up in Chingford is you showed up dressed like that!!’), and smirk at their assumption that, because they can entertain, what they have to say about everything is somehow important, unique, and, indeed, coherent.  My guess, however, is that more than a few of us in the church also fall for the `God has a special purpose for my life’ line.   This is often simply a way of saying `I believe myself to be uniquely important and indispensable.’ Actually, we are not; none of us are.  There is always somebody else who could do our jobs better; and let us not kid ourselves — there is probably somebody else who could have married our spouse and made them just as happy, if not more so. God’s love for us is exceptional, not because we are unique, but because we are not so; not because he needs us; but because he does not need us at all.”

Read the full article here.



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