Growing Old(er)

My beloved M told me last night that I looked a lot younger than I really am.

I love my wife.


I’m turning a big 4-0 this coming April, and (I’m borrowing a few thoughts from James White regarding this one) while I’m not fifty or even sixty, I’d be lying if I say I don’t feel the effects of my age.

For one thing, I’m starting to eat less. The older you get the less metabolism your body can handle, I guess. I still eat a lot, certainly more than a fifty-year-old would eat, but certainly not as much as when I was twenty. (I remember twenty years ago when I had five! plates of rice in one meal.)

Second, my eyesight is getting weird. I’m nearsighted. I have been for over twenty-five years. Now however, I notice that I find it harder and harder to read fine print, but easier to read words far away. Am I losing my myopia in favor of hyperopia? Does this mean I’m going to need bifocals soon? Brrr….the chills!

Lastly (for now), I’m beginning to like things that I know for sure I didn’t like when I was younger. Like fish.


Still, who am I to argue and complain? As I mentioned to the Basic Bible Course graduates yesterday, taking off from Psalm 90: Everyday is a new day to glorify God. Count your days, not as people normally would–“I only have so much time before I die.” But remembering that God has shown us steadfast love (in Christ), that we have seen his work (in Christ), each day should be counted as one more day, one more opportunity, to glorify him.



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