I’m Back!

…from the two-day off-campus retreat with the rest of the FCB faculty.

The place we went to is called Hunter Valley Resort, in Cabu, Nueva Ecija, about three and a half hours’ drive from campus. The place was nice, but I don’t think it was worth nearly four hours of driving just to get there. (Note to future planning committee members!)  The food was good, but nothing to crow about. I did get a few snapshots of the place, mostly the animals. I’ll show the pictures in a future post, God willing, once I’ve sorted them out.


On a funny note: On a recent visit to Concorde over at SM North, I spotted some car pedal covers with a…funny set of instructions. I took a photo with my camera phone (low-res, so it’s a bit blurred).  I don’t remember the manufacturer’s name but I’m guessing they’re from China.

“To screw up?”

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