Fun Friday 032511

Jay Shafer has been building, and living in, houses that are less than a hundred square feet (or a little over nine square meters for my metric friends). He gives a brief(!) tour in the following video, and concludes with reasons why he’s been doing it. He gave three reasons, and while I may agree with most of them, I’m not entirely sure about the environmental aspect. I’m not saying there isn’t any truth to his claim that his house has a “smaller carbon footprint.” It’s not really spelled out specifically in the video.

Nonetheless, this is a very interesting subject, a great video and a fun tour around the small house. I wouldn’t be surprised if, after you watch the video, your response is, “I want one.”



A quick update:

  • After watching this video, a few thoughts came to my head. If I were a bachelor, like Jay Shafer (OK, he doesn’t come right out and say it, but all things considered, it would be an intelligent assumption that he is), I’d probably want to live in one of these sub 100 sq. ft. houses. A newly married couple might want to squeeze in there as well (that would be fun). After all he did say his bedroom can sleep two people, and his little dining table could seat four (assuming they used Lilliputian dinnerware), so two people having a simple dinner would not be a stretch. They don’t seem big enough for, let’s say, a family of three (dad, mom, and kid).
  • Apropos my last sentence in the preceding paragraph, houses like Jay’s will certainly not be suitable for families in the Philippines, especially those who belong to the urban poor category. Then again…I’ve seen families that had fifteen people fit into a space only a little bigger than Jay’s house….
  • Still, overall a very nice concept.

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