Midweek Movie Mayhem

For those who don’t know where I’m at these few days, I am attending an Asian Theological Association seminar on Theological Education. The venue is a hotel not far from where I live. It’s three days of theology, theology, and more theology, all applied within the context of seminary education. I’ll blog about it more when the thing’s done–I’m still meditating on the things I’ve seen/heard/picked up.

On another note, D, my beloved M’s boss in the US of A (don’t you just hate all that 007esque use of single letters?) sent me a great birthday gift–a boxed set of Marx Brothers DVDs! Yours truly is a lover of classical comedy and one of my pet peeves is that they don’t sell Marx brothers over here. You can imagine my thrill when I opened the package and to see all three Marx brothers staring back at me! Or at least something over my right shoulder. Oh, well.

If you remember, D, my beloved M’s boss in the US of A, earlier sent me a boxed copy of The Pink Panther Series, starring Peter Sellers. A great man, D.

Strangely, the DVDs won’t play on my DVD player. It works on my laptop player though, so that means surreptitiously bringing a DVD or two to work and watching DURING MY BREAK (just in case any of the powers that be are reading this).



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