Random Thoughts 051911

While munching on my sandwich, which was [lovingly] prepared by my beloved M:

My favorite newspaper’s online version has a new look. Take a look-see.

From the same newspaper, a very good piece from my favorite columnist, Conrado de Quiros. Read the article and enjoy your cup of coffee. I know I did.

Still from my favorite newspaper: Reason # 237 (I just made that number up) why Manny Pacquiao should not have been elected congressman.  Why does the Philippines continue to have a politics of star-studded personalities? I’ll answer that in another post, God willing.

From the rival newspaper, Alex Magno (whom I also like as a columnist) has this to say about our president. Maybe we should pit de Quiros and Magno, one on one, on major issues affecting the Philippines? That, in my opinion, would be better than any Pacquiao fight any day.

Men, women, and romance, from Russel Moore.  And here’s another one from Tim Challies.

It’s the end of the world! (If I were a Jack Chick literature guzzling, KJV-only advocate that would have been written as: It’s the END of the WORLD!) Ah, well…take your vitamin Z.

And while I don’t go to the cinema anymore (ho-hum) here’s a good review of Marvel’s latest super-hero movie, Thor.



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