Beerkada Is the Reason I Read the Philippine Star

Ok it’s not the only reason. Another reason would be Alex Magno. A third reason would be the crossword puzzles.

I would be lying if I said that I didn’t dig Beerkada–it’s the comic strip which was created by Lyndon Greogorio (see here for my first time meeting him, and one of the few times I’m not wearing black). The strip “stars” a group of freshmen college students beginning their studies at the University of the Philippines. In the ten years since the strip began, we’ve seen the characters develop as they finished college and entered the workforce. For a fuller description of Beerkada, see their Wikipedia entry.

I’ve noticed several things about Beerkada in its decade-long run.

First, the artwork. This is the most obvious, as the artwork is the first thing readers will notice. Lyndon started off with very blocky renditions of his characters. They have since morphed anime-like. Similar changes can also be noticed on other comic strips, like Asterix and Tintin. I like to think that Lyndon was slowly but surely getting into the “feel” of his characters.

Second, the jokes. Unlike the artwork, the jokes have remained constant during Beerkada’s run. There were some changes, of course, relevant to the strip’s focus. It began as stories of a group of students beginning college life, and who now are mostly in the workforce. The same kind of satirical humor, poking fun at elements of Filipino life, was there. Anything involving Jimmy Goco will surely invoke an uproarious laugh. [Pusit….Oppusit…Tiya Pusit]

Third, I wish they’d bring back the Beerkada Beer Buckets that came as part of the San Mig Light promo. Not that I drink (blush) but since it’s Beerkada, I feel it would make a nice collector’s item. I could be wrong, but I think that promo run was too short or limited.

Read Beerkada and enjoy the jokes folks! (Not suitable for children under twenty-five. Or for Jimmy Goco.)



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