The World Will End Tomorrow (If You Believe Harold Camping)

Yup, that’s right folks. Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock somewhere you’ve already probably heard of Harold “the Nut” Camping, and his equally nutty prediction that tomorrow, May 21, 2011, is Judgement Day. He says, nuttily, that his predictions are based on careful reading and calculations of Biblical passages. In other words, it’s in the Bible so it’s true.

I’ve blogged on this topic before, and quoted others (who can articulate their opinions better than I can mine) so there’s no need to add more. Suffice it to say on the morning of May 22 there will be:

  1. Atheists laughing at the gullibility of the Christians, and becoming more entrenched in their atheism
  2. Christians who will be disappointed and who will turn away or fall away from the faith.
  3. Christians who will be vindicated in their denouncement of Camping as a false teacher/prophet.
Hopefully there will also be:
  1. Christians who will find their faith strengthened–because God’s word is reliable, despite the twisting of it that some people like Camping love to do.
  2. Atheists (or people of other religions for that matter) who will read about or hear about true, faithful Biblical exegesis of the end times and finally turn to Christ.
  3. Not as many Christians who will turn away from the faith.
It’s all in God’s hands.
While we’re waiting (sort of) for the “Rapture,” let me just plug a show that I’m finding to be very fascinating. It’s Jeremy Wade’s River Monsters. I’m thinking this is going to do for river swimmers what Jaws did for beach swimmers.  Unlike Jaws, which was a one-time blockbuster movie, River Monsters is a series that not only shows unbelievably huge creatures that lurk deep in the world’s rivers, Jeremy Wade also provides edcuational tidbits for his viewers. Questions like, why the creatures grow so huge in the first place, or why they are in that particular river–were they “imported” or did they migrate–or what do we do with them now that they’re here?
Great show!
Addendum: Something I didn’t include in the first list above, but which A Squirrel in Babylon mentioned: Suicide attempts by disappointed Camping-ites. Squirrel has a point, but God forbid suicides would happen.  You would wish they’d just take the other option: Denial–after May 21, just leave the room whenever Camping is mentioned. That wouldn’t make them good conversation partners but at least they’d still be alive.

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