…reviewing the highly controversial RH Bill. The full title is RH Bill No. 5043, AN ACT PROVIDING FOR A NATIONAL POLICY ON REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH, RESPONSIBLE PARENTHOOD AND POPULATION DEVELOPMENT, AND FOR OTHER PURPOSES, superseding House Bills 17, 812, 2753, & 3970 .

Needless to say, it’s a very loooong document. (Actually, no it isn’t that long.)

A thought: Those who charge that the RH Bill is a pro-abortion bill obviously haven’t read past the third section, “Guiding Principles.” It states there (under item m): While nothing in this Act changes the law on abortion, as abortion remains a crime and is punishable, the government shall ensure that women seeking care for post-abortion complications shall be treated and counseled in a humane, non-judgmental and compassionate manner.



Update (and the reason for adding the picture on the left): One of the funniest arguments in the RH Bill debate has to come from this article. Forgive me, it’s not funny. It’s hilarious.

Here are some of the arguments from the author. I repeat, the following arguments did not originate from me. I am only quoting them here. With all the ridiculous comments I’ve been receiving–yes I deleted them; they weren’t worthy to respond to–it’s almost as if people don’t know how to read anymore.

Anyway the author (I’m almost hoping he wrote the following tongue-in-cheek) of the article linked to says:

But now I know that I was wrong (about supporting the RH Bill). And here are some of the reasons why I know that. By the way, before I continue, I must say that this is the truth, guys. In fact, it’s more than the truth. It’s the Catholic truth, which means that it’s truer and more true than the regular truth.

I know that the issue of the RH Bill is not a religious issue, but make sure you pay attention if you want your soul to be saved. Here are some of the things I learned from the lecture I learned:

“The RH Bill is wrong because it assumes that thePhilippinesis overpopulated.” I agree. I, myself, have observed that the Philippine is NOT overpopulated. In fact, if you use your common sense and think about it, you will realize a few things:

    1. We are not overpopulated! Look at the mountains, the jungles, the caves and the ocean floor. There are no people there.
    2. If we were really overpopulated, we would have trouble travelling. But if you go to EDSA, there’s no traffic. When you ride the MRT, it’s not packed with people.
    3. Students in public schools are well educated because the teacher to student ratio is very low. In fact, because of our low population the government can basically guarantee that all public school students are provided books, notebooks and other school supplies.

 “The RH Bill is wrong because it assumes that contraceptives are good for mankind and women.”

    1. I agree, the RH Bill is not good for women because it might draw a woman away from her one, true, universal purpose – the uninterrupted production of healthy babies.
    2. Furthermore, the role of women in society and the universe is to make babies. That’s why God made women. That’s their sole purpose in life. They’re not good for anything else. Ever wonder why there are no women in the clergy? Because they’re not good enough.
    3. Contraceptives would allow women to enjoy the benefits of physical intimacy while maintaining a successful and productive career, if she so chooses. That is so wrong. Only men should be able to enjoy that privilege.
    4. Women should get pregnant every single time they have sex and only immoral women enjoy sex without the possibility of conception. In fact, a better alternative would be for women, in general, to follow the example made by Mother Mary – to learn how to conceive without having sex.

 “The RH bill will put Filipinos at risk of extinction!”

    1. I agree. If we pass the RH bill, we will become extinct, like dinosaurs. The dinosaurs are all dead. If we don’t want to be extinct, we should not pass the RH Bill. I mean, do you really want to be a dinosaur?
    2. In my opinion, it wouldn’t even be far-fetched to speculate that the most probable reason the dinosaurs became extinct was because they used contraceptives.
    3. Population decline is just bad for nations. Just look at the countries which have a declining population –Italy,JapanandSingapore. They’re in such a bad shape. ThePhilippinesobviously has a better economy and has a higher literacy rate than these countries. In fact, many Italians, Japanese, and Singaporeans go to thePhilippinesfor work. That only goes to show that a decline in population is bad for the economy.
End of quote.

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