M’s Cooking Rocks

(Apologies to Ms. Veneracion for “tweaking/borrowing” her blog title for this post.)

I’ve mentioned before how much my beloved M loves to cook. She surfs a lot and borrows recipes that she likes, although she’s not afraid to experiment. I lost weight the three weeks that she wasn’t home (business/vacation trip elsewhere) because I didn’t eat her cooking. While others grow fat on McDonald’s, I experienced the opposite effect. Of course, she more than made up for that when she got back, and it wasn’t long before our little kitchen was again filled with the aromas that only my beloved M’s cooking can bring.

If you’re interested in cooking (and eating) feel free to browse around her blog.

On a side note, we had spaghetti for lunch today. M used Del Monte’s Italian-Style® Spaghetti Sauce. Short and quick comment: I didn’t like it–which prompted my beloved M to vow never to buy ready-made spaghetti sauce again. Contrast that to the time she made her version of Mighty Meaty Pasta (HT: Home Cooking Rocks).

That was really good!



One Reply to “M’s Cooking Rocks”

  1. Well, we had to finish whatever is still in the cupboard. Can’t let it go to waste now. =) One more pack and we’ll go back to the chunky meaty recipe! or should we try the pesto first? =)

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