A Couple of Things

I just added a few more websites to my blogroll. You can check them by clicking the links on the right left. In particular, they are:

9 Marks, with Mark Dever. From their website: “What does it mean for a church to be healthy? And how is health nurtured? These are the questions that have captured us at 9Marks. Perhaps you’ve been mulling over them too, or maybe this is the first time you’ve thought about it. Either way, we invite you to think with us about the health of the local church and the methods God has designed to promote it.”

Justin Taylor and the guys at The Gospel Coalition

Action Figure Pics is a website which showcases action figures (duh!) If you’re interested in toys (like I am) then this is a website for you.


On a more serious note, Sovereign Grace Ministries has recently announced that C.J. Mahaney is taking a leave of absence in order to give time to answering charges that have been leveled against him. (For those who don’t know, C.J. Maheney is the mentor of Joshua Harris, of I’ve Kissed Dating Goodbye fame.)  As to the subject of the leave of absence, C.J. is not guilty of any immoral or financial misconduct, but the charges against him were “serious,” and “which include various expressions of pride, unentreatability, deceit, sinful judgment, and hypocrisy.”

His request: “My friends, I would greatly appreciate your prayers as I continue to walk through this process.  Please pray that God would give me the gift of sight where I have been blinded by my sin and others have been adversely affected by my sin. Pray that I will be convicted and experience godly sorrow resulting in reconciliation where necessary and adjustments to my heart and leadership.”

You can read his full letter here, and Sovereign Grace’s letter here.

Wish more people had his humility.



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