Food and Movies

Last night, my beloved M and I had a great dinner at Bigoli’s in Trinoma. It was one of those nights when both my beloved M and I would be home a bit late so we decided it would be better for our stomachs to just find a good restaurant to eat at. M mentioned she had coupons for Bigoli, so there we ate.

Bigoli was right next to Cinema 7 so during our meal, we saw a long line of people. I was facing the wrong way so I couldn’t tell if they were lining up to buy tickets or lining up to get into one of the other cinemas. I told my beloved M that they were probably going to watch Transformers: Dark of the Moon, and how I wished I could watch too. (Whoo-ee.)

This morning we attended the baptism of one of M’s office friends and had a big lunch at Rack’s as part of the celebration. The conversation around the table centered on movies, and specifically how great Transformers was and how one other office mate liked the latest (and final) Harry Potter movie. (Whoo-ee.)

I jokingly told my wife that maybe I should resign from my job for a few hours, watch the nice movies, and then have myself rehired on Monday. My wife didn’t think it was funny.


Update: Dan Philips has a great review of the latest Harry Potter movie. You can read about it here. How good is the movie, you might ask. For an answer, how about these choice words from Daniel (Harry Potter) Radcliffe himself: “This is the only performance in this series that [I] can watch without a cringe.”


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