Wacky Wednesday 072711

My students and I will be continuing our discussion on Judaism in World Religion’s class this afternoon. I’m finishing a slide-show presentation on the topic, and in my research I stumbled upon this little gem from a certain B****** Kur***, Ph.D., over at this website. I’m adding this to the post for two reasons: One, it would make interesting discussion in class because, two, it’s the perfect example of an idiotic mind pretending otherwise. What’s ironic is that it comes from a Ph.D. holder. (I thought those people were supposed to be smart?)

Anyway, please read through the arguments–I’m sure B****** is a nice person, but her arguments leave a lot to be desired–and try to catch the various errors in her logic.


Joy Bryan said that the article made born again Christians (BACs) seem conniving and evil. I agree that most of the missionaries with whom I have come in contact are well meaning, they simply do not realize the enormous damage they are attempting to do to Judaism.

The problem isn’t that they are evil, they aren’t. The problem is that without realizing it, they misrepresent the scriptures. To take one example, I can, by using one of their “tricks” prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that there is no G-d. Sorry to say that, but in Psalm 14 it starts with “There is no G-d.” Bang, case closed, next case, please.

Well, maybe we shouldn’t jump to conclusions too quickly. What I did, of course, was take the text out of context. The remainder of the verse says, “the fool has said in his heart.” Oh, so there really is a G-d, never mind.

The missionaries, bless ’em, don’t even realize themselves what they are doing. Their superiors certainly do, or should know what they’re doing when they take scripture out of context.

A favorite of theirs is, “You can’t be saved without the shedding blood, see, right here in Leviticus 17:11 it says that the blood was given to us to make an atonement on the altar. Since you no longer have a Temple, you no longer have an altar and you cannot get atonement for your sins. What will you do without the blood?”

Okay, sounds reasonable enough EXCEPT that that is not what is being talked about in Leviticus 17, that important part starts with verse 10 not 11 where it prohibits the drinking of blood and the reason is that the only proper use of the blood is to make atonement.

But it never says that the ONLY way to achieve forgiveness is to make atonement for our sins. It simply prohibits the drinking of blood.

Taking a very quick turn over to the Christian Testament (there is no New Testament, the Covenant Hashem made with us is still very much intact so how could there be a new convenient?”. There it says that Jesus was crucified and that his blood saves us if we simply accept his sacrifice. No, no, no, no…a hundred times no!

How can they just dismiss the fact that Jesus was a human being and that Hashem had prohibited the use of human sacrifices? For a sacrifice to be acceptable it had to be a spotless animal (never a human being) taken to the Temple in Jerusalem and painlessly killed by a Jewish priest and the blood sprinkled on the horns of the Altar.

Let’s see how that squares with what Jesus supposedly did. First he was a human being, not the “lamb of G-d.” Second, he had been beaten and bruised, taken OUT of Jerusalem and painfully murdered by the Romans.

Contestant number one, did Jesus fulfill a Kosher sacrifice? BEEP!

Thank you.

To make matters even worse, the Christians participate in something they call communion. They drink the blood and eat the flesh of Jesus. WHOA, Jews are prohibited from drinking blood and eating human flesh? That’s cannibalism! And to me, at least, it is disgusting to even think about it.

These missionaries have countless “proof” texts to “prove” their case, none of which can hold water. Ask a missionary who the first person in the entire scriptures was to be baptized and they’ll tell you Jesus. Here’s another BEEP…it was Aaron who first went through mikvah in preparation to become the first high priest.

They misuse Isaiah 7:14 to say that a virgin would give birth when the word almah means young woman, not virgin. They say that Isaiah 53 refers to Jesus when it clearly refers to the nation of Israel. The list goes on and on and on. They see Jesus in just about every nook and cranny of the Scriptures.

Unfortunately, too many Jews do not know Scripture. Either they stopped learning when they hit the magic age of 13 or never learned it at all, that is what makes them such easy targets.

I love “playing” with missionary’s minds. I will ask them when Jesus was asked what the most important commandment was they never get it right. Sometimes they’ll get close, but no cigar. When I say the Shema, the Veohavto and the love thy neighbor, they say that is what Jesus said. Yup, but it came from the Holy Scriptures, not the Christian testament. Jesus was teaching Judaism, not Christianity.

I ask them when did Jesus say the law was done away with. They stumble on that one. Why? Because he never did. He said quite the opposite, he said that the law would never pass away. One verse, Luke 16:17 says “And it is easier for heaven and earth to pass, than one tittle of the law to fail.” The reason that Christians think that the law has passed away is because the Apostate Paul found that it was too tough to get Gentiles to accept Judaism (which was then necessary before becoming a Christian) so he decided to do away with the laws for the Gentiles. If you have never read the Christian Testament, get a copy from the library or any bookstore. I suggest getting a copy of the New International Version as it is among the best VERSIONS and also one of the best translations I’ve read.

So why do I know so much about the Christians? Although I do not consider them the enemy, nor do I think that they are out to “get us” in a negative manner, they ARE out to get us and if some Jews don’t know what they are going to try to use, they can fall into their trap.

I’ll leave off with this: Most Christians haven’t the foggiest idea of what their books have to say either. They are clueless. One day while in a restaurant a Christian guy got up and said in a very loud voice, “Would everyone please bow their heads and thank Jesus for the food we are about to eat?” I said in an equally, if not louder voice, “Why don’t you open your fetish to Matthew 6:6, read it and then shut up and sit down.”

Most Christians are trying to shove two things down everyone’s throat, Gentile, Jew, believer or non-believer: Public prayer and the Ten Commandments in every place imaginable. Matthew 6:6 tells Christians that when they want to pray to go into their private space an talk with G-d who already knows what you want. Second, the Ten Commandments were never given to any Gentiles, they were given to the Jews.

Christians were never slaves in Egypt nor do they keep the Sabbath holy, nor do they ever observe it, they worship on the FIRST day of the week, not the SEVENTH.

Folks, you need to know OUR books and THEIR books if you have any hope of keeping yourself and your children out of their churches.




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