Theology on Thursday 080411

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“[A] true Christian must believe in the factual truth of certain propositions. But . . . biblical belief or faith is more than intellectual assent to a set of truth propositions. Biblical belief or faith is a personal, heartfelt trust in a person.

“The difference between these two kinds of belief isn’t too hard to see. Intellectual assent is like a sideways nod of the head to someone passing by while you continue on your merry way. A personal, heartfelt trust, however, means changing the direction in which you’re walking. Someone you love and trust has asked you to follow, and so you do. Heartfelt trust yields a happy obedience.

“You are not a Christian just because you like Jesus. You must believe things about Jesus. You must believe that you need a Savior, and that he is that Savior. You must believe that you need a Lord, and that he is that Lord.

“Our confidence must not merely be in things that once happened, but in the person who accomplished them. When we come to Jesus in trust for the forgiveness and healing that we so desperately need, we find that he is willing and able to help us.”

From Mike McKinley, Am I Really a Christian? (Crossway, 2011)

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