Wacky Wednesday 081011

Ever notice how, when something comes along–either as a result of circumstances or as the result of people’s “brilliant” thinking–that offends the sensibilities of hyper-religious people, the latter resort to boycotting said something, as though boycotting would solve the problem?

Remember when Proctor and Gamble were accused of having ties with Satanism? Remember when Last Temptation of Christ came out and priests and nuns were shouting for the movie to be removed from public viewing? Same thing with Dan Brown’s novels? Some people did boycott, and nothing else happened.

HSAT, please go over to the Philippine Daily Inquirer and read the latest piece from Conrado de Quiros. His column article is quite thought-provoking, and maybe a little bit funny. This particular paragraph made my day (emphasis mine):

“Lastly, the reaction. My position is this: You want to rail against Cruz’s works as heretical, sacrilegious, insulting to Christianity, feel free to do so. You want to call for a boycott of them, feel free to do so—though asking Filipinos to boycott an art exhibit is like asking Filipinos to boycott a bookstore. You want to call Cruz a pervert, a monster, a Satanist, feel free to do so.”

In case you’re wondering, he’s talking about Mideo Cruz’s exhibit and the resultant reaction from the Catholic church. de Quiros believes it’s complicated. I think it’s just wacky.



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