A Word About Buffets

My beloved M and I have been to several buffets, sometimes with friends, and sometimes just the two of us. I don’t eat quite the same amount of food that I did when I was in college–I’m not a teenager anymore, so there–but every once in a while M and I find a good buffet that’s worth the price for an all-you-can-eat-meal, and I’d like to pretend I’m still a testosterone-saturated eighteen-year-old.

Copyright by owner of photo

The price I have to pay for pretending that is another post in itself–preferably one that follows a dose of baking soda.

The following piece is from someone named Nick, and he gives a few pointers on how to eat a good buffet. I think it’s a bit tongue in cheek in some places–73 pounds! of food is literally impossible–but for the most part the article is very helpful and funny.

Check it out.



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