Lord’s Day 082111 and “In Defense of Blasphemy”

I specifically enjoyed our sermon today, on Genesis 31. A few highlights:

  • It is quite humbling to be reminded that God doesn’t choose great men. He chooses men (justification) like you and me–and I wouldn’t invite me over for tea–and molds them to be like Christ (sanctification).
  • Chapter 28 of Genesis narrates Jacob’s encounter with angels. Chapter 32 begins with another encounter with angels. These two chapters form a sort of bookend to the in-between chapters, which show Jacob’s surviving under Laban. The reason wasn’t because Jacob was intelligent or wily (though he was both), but because God was with his covenant people. This does not in any way excuse Jacob for all the mistakes that he made–but it highlights the graciousness of God and his loving-kindness to his people.
  • It also highlights this: That the faithlessness of God’s people can never nullify the faithfulness of God.
  • We can see God’s protecting Jacob from the wrath of Esau, and helping him find his wife(s) (Gen. 28), protecting him from the cunning of Laban (Gen. 30), and from Laban’s ill intent coinciding with Jacob’s escape and Laban’s pursuit (Gen 31).
On another note, and if anyone is interested, please read Patricia Evangelista’s column in today’s (Sunday) edition of the Philippine Daily Inquirer. See if you can make heads or tails out of it.
For the record, much as I like to read Conrado de Quiros’ writing, I feel the opposite towards Ms. Evangelista’s tirades. (Sorry, I can’t think of a better word for what she writes.) She comes across as someone with a huge chip on her shoulders, at the same time as someone who thinks the world revolves around her unique outlook on life. Reminds me of my late grandmother.
No, I don’t know her personally. That is why I am very careful to say that “she comes across as…” Who knows, maybe she’s actually quite nice in person.
She certainly is intelligent–but I’m not sure if in this case intelligence and niceness go hand in hand.

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