Lord’s Day 082711

Am spending the Sunday and part of Monday at my folk’s place in Cavite. My beloved M is bonding with my mom while I’m typing this.

Random thoughts on the way here:

  • The sermon this morning was on Daniel 5 (with Belshazzar, et. al.) Oddly, I can’t think of anything further to say.
  • I had to take a different route coming here. Looks like the government (don’t know which department, though) has decided to upgrade the highways and street signs. Which is a good thing. A bad thing is that I didn’t know about it and my beloved M and I spent quite a few minutes going in circles looking for the right road.
  • I’m listening to the sound of the rain and I can’t help thinking about people who are badly affected by the storm.
  • On a much further note, how ’bout the people in New York and the rest of the East Coast of the US?
  • I’ve always coveted my folks’ cable TV. My beloved M won’t allow a connection in our place of residence so I take advantage of the cable connection whenever I’m at my parents’ house. But it always happens that after a few minutes watching that I get frustrated over the number of channels to choose from. Sigh.
  • It’s going to be a cool night of sleep.



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