Alyanne’s Dinner

My beloved M recently posted what I believe is Part One of her experiences at Alyanne’s Cafe.  There’s a Part Two, because we ate there a second time, which definitely won’t be the last time.

I remember her asking me twice or three times whether she should get a coupon for the place. I also remember (to my embarrassment) that I wasn’t too keen on getting one. I’m glad she persuaded me though, because Alyanne’s is one of the better eating places that my beloved M and I have gone to. One of the selling points for Alyanne’s, as far as M and I are concerned, is that it’s just around the corner from where we live.

(I didn’t post any pictures, aside from the one above, since my beloved M already took a couple and she’ll be posting it in Part Two on her blog, and since her pictures are better than mine anyway. Just in case anyone’s interested, the screen on my phone shows a page from

Alyanne’s Cafe. Nice place, nice food.

‘Nuff said.


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