Theistic Exercise (Sort of)

One of my favorite haunts is Books for Less. The branch I frequented used to be at Roces Avenue before they moved to Centris.  My beloved M and I sometimes meet at the latter place for Friday dinner, so it wouldn’t be unusual to see yours truly browsing the BFL shelves while waiting for my wife. (For the record though, I do not like it that the Centris BFL has less than a third of floor space, compared to their Roces incarnation. Not enough space for either books or for browsing.)

One of the benefits of shopping for books in BFL, and also at Booksale (the latter has more branches) is getting very expensive books at maybe half the original price or less. It may take a bit of patience and some skill in rummaging through the book stacks, but sometimes you will get real gems. For example, about a year or so ago, I got a good-condition copy of Shakespeare’s Illustrated Library for a little over a quarter of the original price.

During our most recent trip (read: dinner date) to Centris, I found this book.

(Hmm… the copyright text appeared higher on the image than I’d wanted. Oh well.)

It’s a title I’ve heard talked about and I was hoping to get my own copy. (If you know Sam Harris, then you know that he’s an atheist. If you’re interested in learning what he has to say, he has his own website–like who doesn’t?) I’m going to use this book as a secondary reference during one of my lectures on Religions.)

Don’t be shy about going to BFL or Booksale–to quote a “stupid” person, “You never know what you’re gonna get.”



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