What To Do with an Old Bible?

Just recently, during one of my beloved M and my trips to Fully Booked, I purchased a new ESV Bible for my personal use. The one I got is a “hardback Bible with centre-column cross-references and a concordance.” I’ve been thinking of getting a new Bible for several months now, ever since I realized that even the strongest glue couldn’t hold the torn spine of my old Bible (also an ESV) together.

My new Bible is an Anglicized ESV, published by Harper Collins. It’s a bit heavier than my old one, and quite a bit thicker. Thankfully, it fits right into the leather Bible cover my beloved M got for me from a few years ago. The leather cover was actually a bit too big for my old ESV (think a medium-sized guy wearing an XL shirt), and I was delighted to find that the cover was a very snug fit on my new ESV. Both my new and old ESVs are two-column, but the columns on the new one are spaced closer together. (That means less notes on the margins, probably?)

I’m in the process of transferring all my old notes and diagrams(!) from my old ESV into my new ESV, a process which will probably take a few months at most.  Yes, I’m one of the few who don’t think it’s wrong to write in my copy of the Good Book–aside from near passion for cleanliness, another reason I can think of for not writing in the margins of your Bible is superstition. A friend of mine, who isn’t superstitious, prefers a notebook and will always carry a little notepad wherever he goes.  Each to his own I guess.

The question for me now is, what exactly do I do with my old Bible?



4 thoughts on “What To Do with an Old Bible?”

  1. Hi Sir! 🙂 Just passing by.

    I’ve been thinking of getting a new Bible for myself as well for several months now. Since I’m already familiar enough with the NIV, I am aiming for an ESV or a NASB this time 🙂 – the only thing is, it is rather hard to find a semi-compact one (because it is much easier to bring around everywhere than a large study Bible) with margins large enough for me to write in.

    The old Bible (NIV) that I had last semester – the one that kept falling apart in class – was given to the friend who spent at least 3 hours glueing the pages of the New Testament together because he liked it so much. Tough decision, but I guess it is worth it. I can always start a fresh new one, right? I’m still in the process of transferring my notes and insights to my study Bible, and it felt like a reunion with an old friend every time. Nevertheless, I’m glad to hear that he was also encouraged to write in his own Bible too since then.

    I read something from Richard Blackaby this morning. He was challenging the readers to write dates, events, and insights in their Bibles so that one day, they will be able to give it to their children to be an encouragement for them.

    Just sharing 🙂

    1. Worth a consideration, I guess. Though the old one has grown on me. Couldn’t even bear to take it out of the custom leather cover–the guy at Fully Booked had to do it for me. =)

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