This Picture Made My Wife Laugh Real Hard

My beloved M has been scouring the ‘net all day (at least since we got back from church) looking at different posts regarding getting an NBI clearance. In her case I guess it would be more accurate to say a renewal of her NBI clearance.

Most of the stories that she and I picked up (I also did some quick searches on the sly) shared some common themes:

  • Long lines
  • People actually waiting in line from 1 am(!) and ending up around a little after lunch.
  • Slow moving long lines
  • Going to an NBI clearance center/kiosk, only to be told that it’s closed and that the nearest available one is across the metropolis
  • Going to the nearest available one, only to be told that the last one’s closed and that there’s another one across the metropolis, in totally different area, and not the same one you came from

NBI clearance centers and kiosks that don’t seem to have a permanent address. My personal experience with getting an NBI clearance got me all the way from Quezon City (where I live) to the National Bureau of Investigation main offices along Taft Avenue (about an hour away if you factor in the traffic in Manila), and then back to Quezon City hall (after some unknown guard at the main offices told me that the clearances were being given away at the latter location).  I got my clearance the next day (!) after waiting in line from 7:00 am to 2:00 pm. My stomach was grumbling really loud by the time I got out of city hall.

Now the NBI has several kiosks all over the city, although whether they’re still open when you get there is really a matter of chance.  I told my beloved M that I don’t envy her.

Please be reminded that we’re in the information technology age today, and long, slow-moving lines, manual fill-outs, and long waits at kiosks should have been a thing of the past–five years ago.

The lighter side of all this is that some people can take a very troublesome but necessary activity and make a joke about it.

My beloved M found this picture in one of the last few sites that she surfed. She’s laughing so hard she’s crying (the pic has a very funny accompanying article, too) and she’s the type who doesn’t usually laugh so hard. Makes her even more beautiful, though.

Copyright, the owner

 Here’s the full story if you want to read it (it’s in Tagalog).



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