Freaky Friday 092311

Ever seen North Korea up close? If you’re wondering why I categorize the following post under Freaky Friday, I guess the best answer is that there’s something creepy about a fully shuttered and “fully militarized” nation, “coming out” and opening its doors to the world. It’s almost like saying, “Hey, we’re OK,” when you have the gut feeling they’re not.

Anyway, nice pictures though. This one’s my favorite. The only adjective to come to mind is “dead.”

Copyright David Guttenfelder/Associated Press

I’m not talking of the actual photograph itself. The shot is great–kudos to Mr. Guttenfelder–but the subject reminds me of a city right after a zombie infestation. And while I despise billboards personally, I still know that billboards are a sign of, among other things, commercial and artistic freedom. The city above has very little of either. Unless you count the little architectural motifs that suggest a little humanity.

A Glimpse of North Korea.



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