What Would You Do? – A Study in Human Behavior

Imagine: You go to the movie theater only to discover that there are only two seats left for the show. You buy them anyway (they’re right smack in the center of the middle row–a very good place to sit, obviously) and head for the theater. The movie hasn’t started yet so you notice the lights are still on when you enter. But what catches your greater attention is the number of bikers (think Hell’s Angels types–the ones who ride Harleys–with their tattoos and beards and leather).

And. They. Are. All. Staring. At. You.

You have two choices:

1) Go on to your seat/s since you paid for the movie anyway and because you’ve made up your mind that you’re going to enjoy the movie, to blazes with the bikers, or

2) Leave.


I’ll exchange the Carlsberg for a Coke Zero.



One thought on “What Would You Do? – A Study in Human Behavior”

  1. It would probably take a while before I sit down as soon as I stop laughing at the awkward moment.

    I’d prefer Mountain Dew 😛

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