It’s an Early Christmas

Sometime ago I wrote that I wanted a goatskin Bible. I didn’t have much hope of getting one, since the price alone is worth two or three excellent non-goatskin cover Bibles.

With thirteen days to go (as of this writing) until Christmas 2011, I had a pleasant surprise this morning when a sister in the Lord presented me with a gift–an Allan Highland Goatskin ESV Bible from the UK!

The Allan’s website gives the following details and images:

  • Printed “blackletter” on fine quality India paper
  • Single column text, each verse starting on new line (This website says that if you want to encourage people to read the Bible, make sure you print it like something people would want to read–not like some dictionary.)
  • Cross references shown in margin. Wider outer margins [for note taking and other similar endeavors]
  • Black Highland goatskin, leather lined, red under gold page edges, three [three!] ribbon markers, full yapp (or a bookbinding having soft edges that project beyond and fold overthe edges of the pages to protect them), with concordance and Bible maps

(I’m sniffing the leather as I type this.)


I have to add this in: Now I have two main Bibles to use–this one, and the other one I wrote about some months ago…see “What to Do with an Old Bible.” I guess this means more time transferring the old notes to two Bibles. (Happiness.)


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