Freaky Friday 030912

Wagga Wagga, Australia. Yes, friends, the first time I even heard about the place was when I read the news article (link below). And admit it–the first time you heard about the place was when your read the first two words of this paragraph. It’s a shame, really, since Wagga Wagga is apparently a famous tourist spot.

It appears that Wagga Wagga is “…one of several towns affected by the recent floods in southeast Australia, and is experiencing a curious phenomenon.” The curious phenomenon is thousands upon thousands of spiders looking for higher (and drier) ground to weave their webs, and not only that but they are actually working together to weave massive webs across sticks and bushes. According to the news report, some of the webs have grow so large they cover entire fields.

You have got to see the pictures to believe the story.

(I still love spiders, though.)


One thought on “Freaky Friday 030912”

  1. Back in my Sunday School days, my friends and I used to fearlessly catch a bucket of spiders every week just to show it to Mom, who has arachnophobia. Haha, I’m curious as to how she’ll react to this. 😛
    But I must admit, this does freak me out a little.

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