Lord’s Day 031112

I had a very fascinating Lord’s Day worship today. Preached on 1 Timothy 2:8-15. We had two guests with us. The whole thing went well, praise God.

After worship some of the church members and I had lunch at Sentosa, a Singapore-themed restaurant along Tomas Morato. We started a little before twelve, and it was close to three pm when we left. We ate for about forty minutes (I’m not exactly sure how long, since my attention was more on the food–it was very good–more than on anything else) and chatted for nearly two hours! The waiters and waitresses were eyeing us suspiciously and were probably wondering when and if we’ll ever leave.


On another note, I came upon this little image while browsing my wife’s Facebook (I used my wife’s account since I’ve already disabled mine–for reasons like the image below):

I’m sure whoever came up with this meant well (What is it that somebody said, “The road to hell is paved with people who meant well?”) but honestly, the message leaves a bad taste in the mouth. I gather, from the comments that followed the image, that people don’t really think much anymore.

What if I were a rapist?


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