Lord’s Day 032412

Preaching today on 1 Timothy 3, the passage on elders’ qualification.

This is going to be one short sermon. Which will turn into a long sermon.

But I digress.


On another note: The subject is Bible study tools. I know some pastors who will swear by their Bibles and nothing but their Bibles (“All I have is me and my King James!”). I know I’m going out on a limb here, but whenever I encounter people who swear by nothing but their Bibles, I give them a wide berth. (It’s not the problem with the Bible part of their argument; it’s the “me” part.)

I personally use BibleWorks and recently I’ve started using the Holman Study Bible online. BibleWorks is a great tool for word study. It’s just too bad that it’s more than what most people here in the Philippines can afford. (Sad, really.) If you go to their website, you’ll find that they already have version 9 available. I’m only at version 5, which I got seven years ago, so that speaks a lot about my finances. (Smiles.)

While the Holman may not be as apparently technical as the Bibleworks (see screenshots below), but it still does the job when it comes to Hebrew and Greek parsing, and word study. And it has a nice earthy/homey feel to it.

If you can’t use the Bibleworks, I suggest you try the Holman online.



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