Freaky Friday 033012

First off: Many of my readers know that I have a very strong dislike for comments sections in the news media. Or rather, I have a strong dislike for what passes off as good comments from otherwise idiotic people who take advantage of the relative anonymity provided by most comments sections in the media.

Case in point is this story from the Inquirer:

Read the story, which already has several things wrong with it, then head to the comments section. There you will find jewels of wisdom such as this:

“Kung nakabikini sa pool o sa dagat wala naman masama dyan, ang problema kung nakabikini sa stage at nagsasayaw. Lets us be practical, we are not born in missionary days, we passed that time already, we had been living for more than 300 years in monastery and 40 years in Hollywood and now we are living in what. Lets us be open to changes and time to move on. .”(sic)

Yes, the commentator(?) ended his sentence with two periods.

Oh well.

Secondly, I just learned from another user of WordPress about the dangers and hysterics of giving odd names to babies. My two favorites on the list are:

  1. La-a, pronounced “la-DASH-a” (I don’t know why, but it’s really cute.)
  2. &, pronounced “ampersand” of course. Giving your kids a name like that and you can rest assured that their schoolmates will (at best) beat them up in the playground, or (at worst) say, “Your parents are the biggest idiots on this planet for giving you a name like that!”



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