Freaky Friday 040612

It’s Good Friday, but there’s nothing good in today’s Freaky Friday report.

Casey Hauff, Teacher, Accused Of Offering Good Grades In Exchange For Sex With Students

Here’re the contents of the first two paragraphs of the story.

“Former Atoka High School teacher Casey Hauff, 32, has been arrested in Atoka, Okla., on 11 felony counts of sexual misconduct, one of those charges being that he allegedly convinced students to have sex with him in exchange for better grades, KJRH TV reports.

“An arrest warrant was issued in the case after investigators identified five female victims and found evidence that many of the sexual encounters took place at the school and during school hours, according to the station. The charges being brought against Hauff also include two counts of second degree rape, one count of forcible sodomy, four counts of solicitation of a minor, two counts of sexual battery, one count of showing obscene material to a minor.”

Sad, isn’t it?


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