Lord’s Day 040812

Today is Resurrection Sunday.

Of course, intelligent people like us don’t take that to mean that Jesus actually rose from the dead today. It just means that today is the day on our calendar when we commemorate God’s victory of sin and death, through the life, death, and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. (I really needed to say that.)

Happy Resurrection Day to all!


On another note, below is another reason why you shouldn’t get your theology from Facebook.

It’s messages like this–badly written, logically inept, and theologically wanting–that passes for “godly messages” today. Oh well.

I got this after reading a little gem from Isagani Cruz (search his article “Facebook” by using the Philippine Star‘s search function), who claims that teachers who don’t use Facebook are not good teachers, or something like that.  Hey, I’m a teacher, but I no longer use Facebook–I tried it but it’s really dull and insipid. How does not using a particular program make me a bad teacher?

As my beloved M would say, “Whatever!”


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