Class Notes for School Year 2012-2013

After much time and effort (and a lot of reading and rereading of relevant books), I have finally finished my class notes for my New Testament Survey and World Religions classes. I have taken the liberty (call it egotism) to take a few snapshots of the “finished product,” which isn’t really finished since it still needs to be photocopied and bound.

The notes are entitled Le Nouveau  Testament (I thought I’d give it a French title for that chic twist) and Of “Opiates” and Opacity. I got a kick out of coming up with the latter title. The New Testament Survey notes cover two semesters, that’s why it’s thicker. Forgive the not so good quality of the pictures–I used my camera phone for the shots. Oh, for a Sony Xperia! (Or at least for the BenQ camera I left at home. He-he-he.)

Here’s the first shot, with the two sets of notes side by side.

Then each set, separately:

And finally, just to give a glimpse of how thick they are:

That’s a Five-Peso coin next to the World’s Religions notes, and they’re both on top the New Testament notes.

As I have told people, these notes are a work in progress, so I expect them to get a little thicker in the future (I just think I heard the sound of a student collapsing in the next room.), but as of the moment these notes are given a “lifespan” of two years. That means it’s going to be two years before I do any major editing work on them.

They may be a bit on the thick side, especially the NT notes, but I don’t expect the incoming students to have a hard time with them, though. The notes are quite easy to read. (And they’re not perfect.)

Exciting days ahead.


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