Monday Musings 042312

I have decided to change one of the Categories from “Manic Monday” to “Monday Musings.” There are several reasons, but I’ll just give the primary one: Mondays where I work are anything but manic. In fact, Mondays (I repeat: in my current experience) are so lazy and boring that I’m beginning to wonder if it’s even worth having a Monday.

Of course, the answer to that is “Yes, it’s worth having a Monday, because Mondays are God’s creations too.” Although I’m sure some of you may have heard the joke that God hates Mondays, too, because in the Genesis 1 account, he declares each day of the week “good” except for the second day, which is Monday. Don’t believe me? Go check it out.

The good thing about the boredom (read: lack of activity) is that it gives me time for Monday Musings–time in the morning to take stock of what lies ahead, commit the week to God and pray that yours truly would be a blessing to others. Included in the Monday Musings would be thinky tidbits from my personal Bible devotion.

This does NOT mean that Manic Monday articles will be gone. I’ll post a manic article every now and then, but for the most part Mondays will be for musings and for manics.



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